TapeCoat® Tapes & Coatings

TapeCoat® G-25


TapeCoat® G-25 is designed to provide an air, vapor and watertight seal on most geomembranes and geotextiles. It features a very aggresive, synthetic adhesive that bonds instantly to polyethylene, polypropylene, PVC, hypalon, EPDM, rubber and more.....
This is an above OR below grade product.

TapeCoat® H-35/H-50


TapeCoat® H-35 and H-50 are heavy duty versions of TapeCoat® G-25. They have the same, tough, UV resistant backing and aggressive, synthetic adhesive. In addition the backing of H-35 and H-50 are thicker providing extra adhesion to rough surfaces, puncture and abrasion resistance, and an integrated primer.

These are above OR below grade products.

TapeCoat® M-50


TapeCoat® M-50 is a reconditioning tape that features a synthetic rubber adhesive and integral primer. Featuring a tough, woven polypropylene backing, it will not stretch, eliminates soil stress and pipewrap bagging issues.
This is a below grade product.

Moldable Sealants


Tapecoat® Moldable Sealant is a conformable, watertight, adhesive, sealant tape utilized for seaming and sealing. It adheres to polypropylene, polyethylene, hypalon, PVC, EPDM, rubber, most geotextiles, GCL's, aluminum, steel,

fiberglass and concrete.
This product MUST be kept UV protected.

TapeCoat® Omniprime Primer


TapeCoat® Omniprime is a universal, solvent-based primer that demonstrates tough field-applied performance. This versatile primer can be used with cold or hot applied tapes. This liquid primer is environmentally friendly and can be used with almost all TapeCoat® bonded tape systems.

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TITUS® Industrial Group Inc offers a full line of specialty tape and coating products for commercial applications including geomembrane and geotextile markets, concrete sealing, asphalt refective crack repair, tarp repair,

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Our line of tapes and coatings is extensive, and also includes primer-less pipe wraps, high end
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