TITUS® Twister® Mixing Aerator for Wastewater Applications

 The TITUS® TWISTER® Mixing Aerator System incorporates Air Lift Technology with durable, stainless steel diffusers, engineered

HDPE blades, high quality blowers, and

protective cabinet enclosures.

The system creates effective mixing, mechanical breakdown of solids, and the proper aerobic conditions for wastewater pre-treatment, while protecting pumps from air-lock and cavitation.

TITUS® Century Infrastructure System®

The most complete Wastewater Infrastructure System on the market!

  • TITUS® Century Manhole® Base Liners
  • GSE Studliners
  • Molded HDPE Chimney Sleeves
  • Composite MH Riser Rings
  • Composite Access Covers
  • TITUS® TwistLIFT® Security Locks

TITUS® Century Manhole® HDPE Molded Base Liner

TITUS® Century Manhole® HDPE Molded Base Liners accommodate pipe sizes from 8"Ø to 72"Ø, and manhole diameters from 48" to 96".
Manufactured from 100% high density polyethylene, and customized to meet

your project specifications.

Our Base Liners provide protection against corrosion in concrete wastewater structures.

GSE Studliner for Concrete Wastewater Structures

GSE StudLiner is a line of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) concrete protection, incorporating studs on one side, locking the liner into the surface of the concrete structure.

Joints are electro-fusion welded providing  durable, corrosion proof, watertight connections.

TITUS® TwistLIFT® Security Locks and Composite Access Covers

For Storm, Sewer and Sanitary applications, our Composite Access Covers are

Made in the USA!

They are non-metallic, HEAVY DUTY,  and highway loaded. Composite covers offer

twice the strength, at an average of

80% less weight, of cast iron covers!
TITUS® TwistLIFT® Security Locks provide added protection against theft and liability.

TapeCoat® Tapes and Coatings for Commercial Applications

Our full line of specialty tape and coating products for commercial applications...

  • Geo-membrane & Liner Markets
  • Concrete Sealing
  • Asphalt and Tarp Crack Repair
  • Water and Vapor Barrier
  • and more...

Mannco Biosolids Processing and Drying Plants

Mannco Biosolids Processing and Drying Plants are designed to produce uniform Class “A” fertilizer prills from dewatered biosolids. 

Systems are supplied complete with all components

to turn biosolids into an environmentally sustainable and soil enriching agricultural product that eliminates disposal costs.

AquaSeal Sealant and Grouting System

  TITUS® offers exceptional AquaSeal Sealant and Grouting products including...

  • AquaSEAL ...a two component, fast acting chemical grout that is NOT water activated.
  • Aqua-X... a single component 20 to 1 expanding foam grout designed for applications where a low set sealant is required.