"If you are experiencing grease and odor problems in your lift stations, I highly recommend installing a Titus® Twister® Mixing Aerator ! The City of LaGrande has had issues with grease and odor in our lift stations and at the headworks facility at the City’s Wastewater Treatment Plant for a long time. We have tried to chemically treat these issues but have had no success. 

We made the decision to install a Titus® Twister® Mixing Aerator with Ozone Enhancement in our 26th Street lift station. Within minutes of installation, the grease mat was gone above the pumps and around the floats. Within 18 hours, the grease was gone except for in the very corners of the lift station. This Titus® Twister® was installed in June 2019 and we have not had to clean this lift station since that time! This lift station used to be cleaned every few months and, at times, once a month. 

In December 2019 we purchased another Titus® Twister® and installed it in our East H Avenue lift station. This particular lift station always had grease and matting problems, along with odor issues.  Again, within minutes, the foot deep mat above the pumps and around the floats started breaking up. The following morning, the piping, rails, and floats were free of grease and the odor from this lift station was instantly gone! 

We could not be happier with our decision to install Titus® Twisters® at our lift stations and highly recommend this technology for any organizations experiencing grease and odor problems!"

-Lyle Bridge,  City of  LaGrande , OR



"Thanks! The smell is gone! 

I called to complain about a stench coming from a sewer pump station located on Benham Road. I am happy to say "thank you" to those who made the decision to create a plan and execute it (using a TITUS® Twister) eliminating this stench in our neighborhood.”  -M. Testerman, Resident, City of Bend OR



"…We have had the TITUS® Twister® installed for a month and the crew has not done any maintenance, the odors are gone! Others and I throughout the sewer department are shocked to see the results! For thirteen years we have been searching for ways other than chemical use to control our odor conditions. We have been suffering from high hydrogen sulfide damage and severe odor in one of our lift stations. We have been cleaning this station every Monday since I have been with the City with three maintenance people and a Vaccon at a cost per year around $ 35,000. This lift station also had a charcoal odor control scrubber installed that we had to remove and install new charcoal about every nine months at a cost of $ 25,000.”

-Tim Bybee Sewer, Collections Supervisor, Yuba City CA


TITUS is Featured in Municipal Sewer & Water Magazine...

May 2020...Oregon utility incorporates innovative technologies with careful planning to manage growth and meet environmental impact initiatives...


TITUS is Featured in MARCH 2020 MS&W Magazine...

March 2020...TITUS® Twister® Mixing Aerator provides an optimal solution for Yuba City, California, addressing FOG and Odor issues in one of their lift stations. 






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