Composite Access Covers & titus® twistlift® security locks


  • Strength:  Exceeds the following load test requirements...H-20 (40,000 lb.), H-25 (50,000 lb.) and European EN 124 D-400 (89,500 lb.) 
  • Fatigue:  2 million impact cycles at 16,000 lb. load resulted in no loss of performance
  • Security:  Titus™ TwistLIFT® Stainless Steel Locks...tamper proof, secure and durable
  • Corrosion: Frame and Cover are non-metallic, eliminating corrosion

  • Worker Safety: TITUS® TwistLIFT® Security Lock and EJ Composite Covers can reduce back strain, broken toes and fingers, and other access cover related injuries.
  • Public Safety: Eliminates metal theft and vandalism resulting in open manholes
  • Inflow:  Double urethane, integral gaskets between the contact surfaces of the frame and cover provides significant reduction of inflow.
  • Noise: No metallic clang!  Double urethane gaskets prevent noisy handling

TITUS® TwistLIFT® Security Locks

  • Material: Improved Hardened Stainless Steel Bolt offers nearly double the tensile strength of our original 316 SS locks
  • Durable: Increases the service life & durability
  • Corrosion Resistant: Provides corrosion protection
  • Secure: Specially designed to provide high security
  • Easy Operation...a single tool is used for cover removal and lock operation, with no bending and easy lifting 


The installation of a composite frame & cover can be achieved using the Hang & Pour Method. View this instructional video or contact our office for more information: