Titus™ Industrial Group offers a full line of specialty tape products for commercial applications in the geo-membrane and liner market, concrete sealing, asphalt refective crack repair tape, tarp repair tape, building water & vapor barrier tapes and more.

Titus™ Industrial Group also offers a full line of pipeline and industrial corrosion control products from the Tapecoat Company including primer-less pipe wrap, hi-end specialty epoxy coatings, removable petrolatum wax modules and tapes and hard to find coatings such as hot applied coal tar tape.

Tapecoat M-50 reconditioning tape features a synthetic rubber adhesive with integrated primer that requires no liquid priming; simply apply to a clean properly prepared surface. M-50 features a tough woven polypropylene backing that will not stretch, eliminating soil stress and pipewrap bagging problems common on buried pipelines. This is a below grade product.

We also offer a line of UV protected above grade pipe wrap. Our H-35 and H-50 tapes utilize the same pimerless adhesive with a very specialized MAF (muli-alloy film) backing that is fully UV protected.

TC 7030 Hi-Temperature Epoxy with reinforcing scrim for extreme service applications. Tapecoat also offers several wet set epoxies for use above and below the water line, and on sweating pipe. TC 7100, and our popular TC Epoxy Mastic can be used in wet conditions, even under water (fresh water only).



Please call or email us today for all your industrial and pipeline corrosion control problems. With nine years of experience as a large diameter hi-pressure pipeline mechanic for a major pipeline company, I have the practical application knowledge to help you find the right product for your unique application.

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