SonicSolutions® for Algae Control

CMYK Rockland, Before and After SonicSolutions®Titus™ Industrial Group Inc is excited to bring you the latest in Algae Control Without Chemicals! We are now your authorized distributor for SonicSolutions® providing the latest in ultrasonic wave technology.

SonicSolutions® has developed a product that uses ultrasonic waves to kills algae and prevent the formation of biofilm; all without the use of any chemicals. This technology is perfect for use in aquaculture, potable water reservoirs, fish farms, anyplace where the use of chemicals is dangerous or damaging to the ecosystem.

Easy to install and maintain, the units are available in 5 power models and US, EU, UK, 24-Volt AC and 24-Volt DC power configurations.

The largest unit can provide coverage for up to 8 acres, depending on conditions. Need to purge larger bodies of water of algae? No problem, multiple units will provide all the coverage you need.

Contact Titus™ Industrial Group today to discuss how SonicSolutions® can solve your algae problems today

CMYK Pittsfield Before & After

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