GSE Studliner

GSE Studliner Custom manhole designs are corrosion proof, water tight, versatile and economical. This unit features a fully lined base and riser, welded HDPE booted penetrations and a poured inside bench and channel, protected by a thin layer of Polymer Concrete

Titus™ Industrial Group has your solutions for GSE Studliner HDPE Concrete Protection. We have been representing GSE Studliner products for over 10 years and have extensive experience with the use of GSE Studliner for all types of concrete protection including:

  • Precast Concret
  • Precast Concrete Pipe
  • Cast in Place Concrete Construction
  • Rehabilitation of Existing Structures

GSE Studliner is the ultimate protection for concrete. HDPE lined structures are a hybrid that offers performance far above what can be delivered with either plastics or standard concrete.

Studliner gives you all of the positive features of HDPE with low resistance to flow:

  • Corrosion protection
  • Chemical resistance

Properly installed it will give you a water tight structure for installations in ground water with up to 90 feet of static head pressure without the problems of expansion & contraction, buoyancy, and little compressive strength.

Concrete gives HDPE everything it lacks performance wise; compressive strength, weight, versatility, and most of all economy. Studliner will dramatically reduce the life-cycle costs of concrete by extending its service life almost indefinitely.

For deep large diameter concrete pipe projects, Studliner gives you the compressive strength and weight of concrete with no expansion and contraction problems while retaining the corrosion protection and watertight features of HDPE pipe. Truly the ultimate in gravity waste water pipe line construction.

Please call us to discuss how the use of GSE Studliner can improve the design and performance on your next project. We offer consulting services to our clients on all types of projects using GSE Studliner.

Titus™ Industrial Group is an approved manufactures representative by GSE Lining Technologies for project oversight and with more than ten years of experience we can help you with difficult design and installation problems.

From the largest waste water treatment plants and large diameter pipelines to simple manhole structures and vaults, we have the expertise to make any project successful!
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