GSE Studliner Large Diameter Pipeline Applications

42 inch HDPE lined concrete pipe project, GSE Studliner



GSE Studliner is the material of choice for large diameter gravity sewer and water pipeline projects. Utilizing the compressive strength and weight and economics of concrete pipe, and the amazing properties of HDPE we can provide you with a hybrid piping system that is second to none in the world today.

Underground pipelines are literally underground submarines in high ground water applications. With the highest pull out strength in the business GSE Studliner can make your concrete pipe totally water tight, as well as corrosion proof, with the best erosion resistance of any pipe material currently on the market.

Concrete pipe lined with GSE Studliner does NOT require weep ports or partial liners common with less quality obsolete PVC lining systems as both the liner and the welding technology can withstand over 90 feet of static head pressure. Our exclusive Electro-fusion welding process is fast, very strong, and eliminates human error. Our 360 degree vacuum testing equipment assures you that you truly have a GAS tight water tight structure.

Electro-fusion welding is also the most seismic proof pipe joint and will take enormous ground movement without failure. With HDPE electro-fusion welded pipe joints we do not have to rely on rubber ‘O’ ring seals that are easily damaged, require expensive testing, and will derogate over time.

We feel that properly installed concrete pipe lined with GSE Studliner will effectively last for not just years, but centuries eliminating not only costly infiltration but also ex-filtration which can contaminate vital ground water resources.

Concrete Pipe lined with GSE Studliner marries up perfectly with our award winning custom designed concrete manholes and junction structures lined with GSE Studliner.

Titus™ Industrial Group can now show you how to turn your next large diameter pipe interceptor project into a TRUE PRE-TREATMENT system. Our custom manholes and junction structures fitted with the new ‘Little John’ Aerobic digesters from DO2E fitted with A.O.P. (advanced oxidation process)

A.O.P. uses a hybrid ozone generator to provide metered ozone to our Little John Aerobic Digester. This effectively  super charges the raw sewage with O3 destroying deadly H2S and other sewer gasses, ammonia, harmful pathogens such as Fecal Coli form, E Coli, and Hepatitis as well as most pharmaceuticals and even heavy metals.

Our unique pipeline designs will revolutionize the conveyance of raw sewage, and offer tremendous savings in energy and capacity at the Waste Water Treatment Plant. Improved working conditions and safety for maintenance crews, and the elimination of odors, and grease buildup are some of the many advantages for this new technology.

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