GSE Studliner for Large Cast In Place Concrete Projects

Brightwater WWTP, Arial View of Digesters Lined with GSE StudlinerGSE Studliner is the material of choice by leading engineering firms nationwide for large cast in place concrete projects. Large custom junction structures, manholes, pump & lift stations, wet wells, aerobic and anaerobic digesters, head-works, equalization basins trenches and anywhere you require long term concrete protection from corrosion and chemical attack, or your project requires a water tight structure capable of handling up to 90 feet of static head pressure from ground water.

GSE Studliner gives your project the economics, versatility, compressive strength of concrete, with the amazing properties of High Density Polyethylene in a hybrid system that is far superior to either concrete, or plastics when used independently. 110 locking studs per sq. ft. give GSE Studliner the highest pullout strength of any plastic embedment liner in the market today, eliminating problems with pillowing, and blow out in high ground water applications, NO WEEP PORTS REQUIRED!

GSE Studliner also eliminates expansion and contraction problems common with plastics. The tough puncture, and abrasion resistance nature of HDPE and the tremendous chemical resistance and molecular stability of HDPE make GSE Studliner the ideal product for large concrete projects that require LONG TERM PROTECTION.

Superior welding technology from GSE adds to the versatility. Extrusion welding, wedge welding, factory butt welding up to 16’ panels, and our new exclusive Electro-fusion welding technology for pipeline applications give our highly skilled installation crews the tools to tackle the most difficult projects.

Titus™ Industrial Group would be happy to present to your engineering firm on the use and installation of GSE Studliner in large cast in place structures, or pipe and manhole projects. Lewis Titus has over ten years’ experience overseeing all types of GSE Studliner projects and can provide your contractor with recommended consulting services to help make your project successful at reasonable rates.

We are approved by GSE for technical assistance and can save you time and money with our experience. Please let us help you on your next project. Contact us today for an appointment.

Lewis Titus, Vice President of Operations
Titus™ Industrial Group Inc

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