EJ Composite Access Covers

Titus™ Industrial Group is proud to announce that we are now the West Coast distributor for EJ Composite Access Covers and Frames for Sewer, Storm, and Sanitary Sewer use.

100% Made in USA, these are non-metallic, HEAVY DUTY ROAD SERVICE locking manhole covers and frames that are unique in the industry. Composite technology now makes both cast iron and ductile iron casting OBSOLETE! With over twice the strength of cast iron, and 15% of the weight EJ composite covers address ALL concerns currently associated with standard Iron manhole covers.

 EJ Composite Advantages:

  • Strength:  Exceeds H-20 (40,000 lb.), H-25 (50,000 lb.) and the most stringent standard in the world – the European EN 124 D-400 (89,500 lb.) load test requirements.
  • Fatigue:  2 million impact cycles at 16,000 lb. load dropped 1″
  • Security:  Titus™ TwistLIFT® Stainless Steel Locks.
  • Inflow:  Double urethane integral gaskets between the contact surfaces on the frame and cover make these virtually water and odor tight.
  • Noise: No metallic clang!  Double urethane gaskets make these units quite.
  • Corrosion: Frame and Cover are non-metallic, eliminating corrosion welding.
  • Safety: Light weight means easier handling, typically 15 to 20% less weight than iron covers.
  • Versatility:  Available in “clear openings” of 22″, 24″, 30″, 36″ with a new 42″ unit for the largest manholes and vaults coming soon!
  • Configurations:  Standard lock down, Surcharge locks and Pressure covers.

West Coast Sewer, Storm, and Sanitary Sewer Customers
Can Schedule a Site Visit by Calling  541-948-4458

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