DO2E Water Curtain Aeration/Mixing Systems Venturi Air Manifold Technology (VAM)

DO2E Single Flow Hi Volume Venturi Air Manifold (VAM) Aerator / Mixer

The DO2E Water Curtain Aeration System for Sewage Lagoons, WWTP, Harbors, Ponds, Lakes. , wherever hi-efficiency aeration is required. These systems will move up to 24 MGD using the Venturi Air Manifold Technology

Titus™ Industrial Group is now the West Coast representative for DO2E water treatment systems. DO2E is at the fore front of new water treatment technologies using their exclusive ‘Venturi Air Manifold’ technology or VAM!

Applications for VAM technology include the following:

Hi Efficiency Aeration Systems and Mixers.  Applications are waste water treatment plants, sewage lagoons, aqua-culture, ports, harbors, lakes, and any body of water where Dissolved Oxygen levels are low and hi-effiency aeration is required. VAM aerators from DO2E can reduce power consumption by up to 80% and are simply the most efficient aerators on the market today.

DO2E Water Curtain Technology.  Applications are bays, harbors, estuaries and sensitive areas where our water curtain technology can be used to keep out harmful hydro carbon spills while increasing DO levels necessary to promote beneficial bacterial growth, and sustain aquatic life.

Our water curtain technology can also help control algae growth and restrict Mosquito populations. Water Curtain technology from DO2E was one of only 30 technologies selected out of over 123,000 technologies submitted for testing by the BP, Deep Water Horizon HIT (High Interest Technology) program and deemed a success at cleaning up oil from the Deep Water Horizon spill in the gulf coast.

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