DO2E Little John Grease Digester

DO2E Little John Grease Digesters are the latest technology in the battle to eliminate problems with FOG (FATS OILS GREASES) The Little John not only eliminates grease matting, and dangerous sewer gasses, but also reduces odors and ragging problems in sewage pump & lift stations, wet wells, and grease interceptors, while helping to keep your lines clear as well. The Little John is air driven using VAM Technology (Venturi Air Manifold), and requires no chemicals, or other additives. The GREEN solution for your sewer system problems!

The Little John is a true aerobic digester. We use four principals to destroy grease and other solids. The Little John Digester manifold is lowered into the water and sits on the bottom. Warm low pressure air is introduced into our specially designed and patented manifold. Air bubbles escape through a series of fine, and coarse air holes in the inner cylinder where they rise inside a confined space. This creates a VENTURI effect pulling water and solids in through large holes in the bottom of the outer cylinder of the manifold. We utilize the chemicals in your effluent to begin breaking down the matting. Chemicals such as sufactants, and degreasers stratify and lay in the bottom of the structure as they have a higher specific gravity then water. These chemicals are already in the water and are FREE! We pull these into the manifold mixing them with the water, and carry them up to the matting where it starts to break down, and emulsify. As the matting breaks down it is pulled down to the bottom, and sucked up into the manifold. There it is exposed to a TORNADO effect, and accelorated to speeds up to 65 FPS. The solids are infused with oxygen, and carried across stationary ridges mounted above the manifold where they are further broken down into BITE SIZE pieces. This creates the PERFECT environment for biological action, or aerobic digestion. Biological action reduces the grease to CO2 and water.

DO2E Little John Grease Digesters. Designed for the treatment of Fats, Oils and Greases (FOG) control and removal. Little John Digesters eliminate grease build up and matting, reduce H2S levels by over 90% and help control ragging problems at sewage pump stations and grease interceptors. Our new FOG manholes can be installed anywhere grease, H2S gasses and odors are a problem. Turn your collection system into a hi efficiency ‘pre-treatment’ system.


The Little John Digester offers a significant safety improvement for confined space areas such as wet wells, lift and pump stations and discharge manholes. By introducing large amounts of oxygen into the water (fine air diffuser aeration), the Little John Digester will significantly reduce deadly H2S sewer gasses in these confined spaces.

The Little John also oxidizes off excess chemicals. The introduction of huge amounts of oxygen will reduce deadly, and corrosive sewer gasses by up to 90%. Ragging problems are also reduced by keeping most rags suspended where the pumps can pick them up individually and pass them through with out the MOP heads that commonly form, and plug up your pumps.

Odors will also be reduced, or we can utilize our new composite carbon filter to eliminate the odors completely. Air from the Little John Digester is vented up through the filter eliminating the odors completely.

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