DO2E Floating Aerator/Mixer

Titus™ Industrial Group Inc. is proud to introduce the DO2E Floating Aerator/Mixer.

The DO2E Floating Aerator/Mixer is a totally new concept in energy efficient, low maintenance aeration and mixing technology for wastewater lagoons, basins and ponds. We use low pressure, high volume air, typically around 3 PSI, delivered via a flexible air hose from land based regenerative blower.

The air delivered to fine air, and micro-bubble diffusers at 48” in a confined space creates a strong venturi effect moving and aerating large volumes of water with very little energy, and no moving parts or electrical power in the lagoon. The aerator can operate in as little as 5 feet of water producing a rapid horizontal current, moving large volumes of water for hundreds of feet effectively aerating and mixing solids.

  1. The DO2E Floating aerator uses a combination of fine air bubbles for high-volume mixing with very good Oxygen Transfer Rate or OTR and micro-bubble ceramic diffuser technology for exceptional OTR. This combination of air bubbles sizes gives the DO2E aerator a 40% better overall OTR than earlier models while maintaining exceptional mixing.
  2. A new optional permanently attached Stainless Steel lifting device designed for ‘Hands Free’ installation and removal of the aerator. This eliminates any man entry into the wastewater lagoon by boat for installation or maintenance. All diffusor maintenance is now done on dry land. (see video above) It also eliminates draining lagoons and basins for diffusor maintenance.
  3. DO2E Aerators are available in many configurations including standard single flow, double flow, vertical intake, horizontal intake, or surface intake. Available from 5 to 20 plate horsepower.
  4. DO2E Aerators have no moving parts, and are 100% air driven from land based regenerative air blowers that are virtually maintenance free outside of periodic air filter maintenance. No lubrication, no couplings, no alignment, fast easy change out in the event of motor failure. No electrical power, or mechanical equipment in the water is a huge safety benefit.
  5. DO2E Floating aerators are made from welded marine grade PVC board and are impervious to corrosion, UV, and designed for many years of dependable low maintenance service.
  6. DO2E Aerators are easily moved around the lagoon or basin to eliminate sludge build up.
  7. DO2E regenerative air blowers are housed in a very high quality powder coated lockable aluminum enclosure that includes a pressure gauge, pressure relief valve, quick connect cam lock fittings, and a removable, washable air filter for easy maintenance.

DO2E Floating Aerators are changing the face of high efficiency aeration and mixing. Call us for a free demonstration.

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