AquaSeal Chemical Grout Fast Permanent concrete Leak Repair

Titus™ Industrial Group Inc. now offers what we consider to be the best chemical grouting system on the market today. AquaSEAL is a two component, fast acting chemical grout that is NOT water activated. Chemical activation means a faster kick off time, and a Hydro-phobic foam that can be used above or below the water […]

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Aqua-X Expanding Foam Sealant

Aqua-X is an expanding foam sealant manufactured by AquaSeal. It is a single component 20 to 1 expanding foam grout designed for applications where a low set sealant is required. This is an excellent product for sealing grade rings, manhole risers and other concrete and masonry structures during assembly. Aqua-X is a water activated, Hydro-phobic expanding foam […]

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