AquaSeal Chemical Grout Fast Permanent concrete Leak Repair

Titus™ Industrial Group Inc. now offers what we consider to be the best chemical grouting system on the market today.

AquaSEAL is a two component, fast acting chemical grout that is NOT water activated. Chemical activation means a faster kick off time, and a Hydro-phobic foam that can be used above or below the water table.

AquaSEAL will NOT absorb water, or dry out, and shrink when exposed to air. This is a permenent repair that will will last for years.With a 20 to 1 expansion rate, leaks from ground water intrusion can be very quickly and inexpensivly repaired by trained and competent contractors or by your own properly train maintenance staff.

On the West Coast Titus™ Industrial Group Inc. will happily provide training for your crews on the use of chemical grouts. Agencies or contractors will need to provide their own confined space equipment, and staff should be trained for confined space entry.

Please contact us for details.

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