Aqua-X Expanding Foam Sealant

Aqua-X is an expanding foam sealant manufactured by AquaSeal. It is a single component 20 to 1 expanding foam grout designed for applications where a low set sealant is required.

This is an excellent product for sealing grade rings, manhole risers and other concrete and masonry structures during assembly.

Aqua-X is a water activated, Hydro-phobic expanding foam that does not absorb water. Once activated and set, it will repel water and it bonds well to clean damp concrete.

Aqua-X should be considered a secondary sealant when used for sealing manhole riser and should be used in conjunction with a gasket.

Titus™ Industrial Group will happily provide training for West Coast crews on the use of AquaSeal products. Agencies or contractors will need to provide their own confined space equipment and staff should be trained for confined space entry.

Please contact us for details.

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