Titus™ Industrial Group represents a collection of innovative companies that are dedicated to solving the most challenging issues and problems with sewer, storm water and industrial wastewater.

Working together with some of the top engineering groups in the nation as well as concrete pipe, pre-cast concrete manufactures, quality contractors and public works maintenance crews; Titus™ Industrial Group is able to provide cost effective solutions to the sewer problems facing communities all across America

From the manhole cover to the waste water treatment plant, Titus™ Industrial Group is here to serve.

Sewer agencies struggling to comply with the national standard CMOM (Capacity Management, Operation and Maintenance) or other state regulations such as the WDR (Waste Discharge Requirements) in the state of California may benefit from our solutions to the toughest problems.

Let Titus™ Industrial Group help you develop an effective SSMP (Sewer System Management Plan). We have the solutions for many of the issues facing your team:

  • Safety – For the general public and the public works maintenance staff!
  • Corrosion – Tools and methods to inhibit concrete and steel corrosion
  • FOG Solutions – Effective programs designed to handle the introduction of Fats, Oils and Grease to your waste water systems.
  • I & I Management – Systems custom designed for your Inflow and Infiltration needs
  • Odors – Products and systems designed to minimize or eliminate noxious odors from various management disposal systems
  • Security – Products designed specifically to reduce, if not completely eliminate theft and vandalism issues
  • Rehabilitation – Titus™ Industrial Group can bring solutions to the table to rehabilitate your existing infrastructure (manholes, chimney sections and large diameter pipe) as a fraction of the cost of new installations
  • New Construction – Bringing together manufacturers and new development crews with pre-cast and cast in place concrete products.

At Titus™ Industrial Group Safety is our #1 Goal! After 25 years of heavy maintenance experience and observing the many preventable accidents, I am dedicated to improving safety conditions for all parties involved.

Many of the products we represent can significantly reduce accidents and injuries for maintenance personnel, contractors and the general public. Safety directors, managers, crew leaders and engineers who take safety seriously will benefit from the many technologies we are introducing to the infrastructure field.

Lewis Titus
Vice President of Operatoins
Titus™ Industrial Group Inc