GMI Heavy Duty Light Weight Composite Locking Covers

EJ Composite Access Covers

Titus™ Industrial Group is proud to announce that we are now the West Coast distributor for EJ Composite Access Covers and Frames for Sewer, Storm, and Sanitary Sewer use. 100% Made in USA, these are non-metallic, HEAVY DUTY ROAD SERVICE locking manhole covers and … [Read More...]

CMYK Rockland, Before and After SonicSolutions®

SonicSolutions® for Algae Control

Titus™ Industrial Group Inc is excited to bring you the latest in Algae Control Without Chemicals! We are now your authorized distributor for SonicSolutions® providing the latest in ultrasonic wave technology. SonicSolutions® has developed a product that uses ultrasonic … [Read More...]


AquaSeal Chemical Grout Fast Permanent concrete Leak Repair

Titus™ Industrial Group Inc. now offers what we consider to be the best chemical grouting system on the market today. AquaSEAL is a two component, fast acting chemical grout that is NOT water activated. Chemical activation means a faster kick off time, and a Hydro-phobic foam that can be used … [Read More...]

AquaX Slow Acting Expanding Foam Sealant

Aqua-X Expanding Foam Sealant

Aqua-X is an expanding foam sealant manufactured by AquaSeal. It is a single component 20 to 1 expanding foam grout designed for applications where a low set sealant is required. This is an excellent product for sealing grade rings, manhole risers and other concrete and masonry structures during … [Read More...]

Tapecoat Corrosion Contro Products


Titus™ Industrial Group offers a full line of specialty tape products for commercial applications in the geo-membrane and liner market, concrete sealing, asphalt refective crack repair tape, tarp repair tape, building water & vapor barrier tapes and more. Titus™ Industrial Group also … [Read More...]

42 inch HDPE lined concrete pipe project, GSE Studliner

GSE Studliner Large Diameter Pipeline Applications

    GSE Studliner is the material of choice for large diameter gravity sewer and water pipeline projects. Utilizing the compressive strength and weight and economics of concrete pipe, and the amazing properties of HDPE we can provide you with a hybrid piping system that is second to … [Read More...]

Brightwater WWTP, arial view of digesters lined with GSE Studliner

GSE Studliner for Large Cast In Place Concrete Projects

GSE Studliner is the material of choice by leading engineering firms nationwide for large cast in place concrete projects. Large custom junction structures, manholes, pump & lift stations, wet wells, aerobic and anaerobic digesters, head-works, equalization basins trenches and anywhere you … [Read More...]